E-BOOK ENG – I‘m a citizen of the world –

E-BOOK ENG – I‘m a citizen of the world –



Being an expat parent can sometimes feel like driving through a bumpy road. « I’m A Citizen Of The World » will not give you the magic formula to becoming the perfect expat parent. However, it will provide you with tips and tools, that I have learned throughout my ten years of experience as a coach and trainer for our little Hamburgers, that will support and empower you while raising your expat children. I have discovered that the key to a successful expat experience is to have happy children, specially when you’re far away from home, but… « where is home, Mummy? », asked me once one of my girls while on a plane. The answer to this and many more questions can be found in this book written with the passion and wisdom of six expatriations during ten years across four continents. Let me introduce our expat family who will give you the keys of happiness of their expat journey! I hope you and your children enjoy reading and learning from « I’m A Citizen Of The World » as much as I did while writing it.

Auteur Florence CHABERT D’HIERES
Parution Juin 2020

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